The Proteus Initiative in Australia and New Zealand

The Proteus Initiative offers programmes, courses and workshops in New Zealand and also Australia. Should you be drawn to one (or more) of the programmes listed below, or have any questions, or wish to receive further information about any of the initiatives listed here, please use the contact details provided for that specific programme. You are also most welcome to contact us directly via email at or . Programmes, workshops and courses for 2017 in Australia and New Zealand will be added soon.

The Wholeness of Life - Towards a New Practice of Change (2017)
An Introductory Residential Workshop with Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan


Date: 30th October - 1st November 2017
(from 10:00am Monday through to 5:00pm Wednesday)
Venue: Bella Rakha Retreat Centre, 581 W Coast Rd, Oratia, Auckland

We live in a complex world; a world of ambiguity and uncertainty. Every time we act within a social context, we are confronted with this unpredictability, ambiguity and uncertainty.
A conventional response to this is to try to simplify it. We strive to reduce complexity, in order to better manage our world. Such a response seeks to control life, not to enhance it. But our very attempts to ‘manage’ in these ways create the ‘problems’ which then appear to overwhelm us. Read full brochure HERE.
Living Wholeness - Through Observation, Movement and Relationship
A long term programme, starting October 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.

We live in a world of unprecedented challenge and change. Technology is rapidly transforming what it means to live, to work and to be human. Our belief is that many of our man-made challenges – inequality, climate, terrorism, unsustainability, health – can be addressed not just by smart technology but by the emergence of a more perceptive human consciousness. Read full brochure HERE.

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