The Proteus Initiative in Australia and New Zealand

The Proteus Initiative offers programmes, courses and workshops in New Zealand and also Australia. Should you be drawn to one (or more) of the programmes listed below, or have any questions, or wish to receive further information about any of the initiatives listed here, please use the contact details provided for that specific programme. You are also most welcome to contact us directly via email at or . 

Living Wholeness - Through Observation, Movement and Relationship
A long term programme, started October 2016 in Auckland, New Zealand.
Second Intensive to take place Monday 23 October 2017 - Saturday 28 October 2017 (inclusive) at Vaughan Park, Long Bay, Auckland.

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We live in a world of unprecedented challenge and change. Technology is rapidly transforming what it means to live, to work and to be human. Our belief is that many of our man-made challenges – inequality, climate, terrorism, unsustainability, health – can be addressed not just by smart technology but by the emergence of a more perceptive human consciousness. Read full brochure HERE.

To enquire about similar initiatives, please contact us.