The Proteus Initiative

approaching an ecology of consciousness

We work with all aspects of social change – consulting, facilitating, writing, teaching. We strive to bring together a sensibility for, understanding of, and practice towards the relationship between ecological wholeness and social coherence and healing. Enabling people to stretch their processes of inner and outer development to greater edges and depths; this is the foundation for socially responsive and life-supporting practices.

This innovative approach to Reflective Social Practice can be taken further by undertaking a postgraduate training up to and including Masters level, to see more about this go to

New Exciting Project!
The Proteus Initiative and Friends is currently working on a new venture - a website called The School for Reflective Social Practice. This site is being designed in order to be an interactive learning and meeting space for all those interested in a Goethean Reflective Social Practice. We look forward to unveiling this site soon!

Have a look...

  • Living With and Beyond Fear - a workshop for women - Cape Town, October 2017
    "When the root is deep there is no reason to fear the wind" - African Proverb
    We are living in the darkest of times. For the first time in the history of our world, a future – for all life on this planet, and for our beloved Earth itself – is no longer a given. Fear, rage and rising hopelessness are rife. How do we navigate our way in a time that has no precedent? How do we face this collective ‘dark night of the soul’? How, in the face of crushing fear and anguish, can we find a way, not to close down, but to open to our deepest humanity? Read full brochure here.
  • Integrating Goethe - professional development for social practitioners - an invitation to join a group in Cape Town
    Those of us who have been exposed to − and by? - the ‘Goethean Glance’ know that it renders the world a World once more, with all the promise that it contained in childhood, deepened and strengthened by our experiences of coming up against it. We know that it leaves us able to see further − though such seeing can also be painful. We know that seeing further ‘out’ can only be achieved simultaneously with seeing further ‘in’ − and we know what that entails. Read full brochure HERE.
  • The Wholeness of Life - Towards a New Practice of Change - New Zealand 2017: An Introductory Residential Workshop with Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan. We live in a complex world; a world of ambiguity and uncertainty. Every time we act within a social context, we are confronted with this unpredictability, ambiguity and uncertainty. A conventional response to this is to try to simplify it. We strive to reduce complexity, in order to better manage our world. Such a response seeks to control life, not to enhance it. But our very attempts to ‘manage’ in these ways create the ‘problems’ which then appear to overwhelm us. Read full brochure HERE.