2023 contains various initiatives reaching wider or more contained publics both online and in-person. These are innovative and different ventures, and we hope you may join us for at least one of them. For further information about any of the programmes, workshops or courses offered, please CONTACT US.

Enabling Life - An international online programme touching on the threads of a Delicate Activism, through a Reflective Social practice. For more information and to view the brochure, please CLICK HERE. This programme has already begun, however, it is possible to join the waitlist for the next cohort, if you wish to enquire please CONTACT US.

In Person:
September at Towerland Wilderness
In September this year we are very happy to be offering two processes at Towerland, which we warmly invite you to participate in. The processes will be offered close enough to each other for you to join us for both, should you wish to.

Catching the Light, Appreciating the Dark (11th – 16th September) will take us into an exploration of the enigmatic polarities of light and dark, how each reveals and how each conceals, both without and within ourselves. To view the invitation please CLICK HERE.

A Writer’s Place (18th through 30th September) – Traditionally, Towerland has come to host a time dedicated to writing, during spring of each year. To view the invitation please CLICK HERE.

FUGITIVES - FINDING OUR INDIVIDUAL WAYS TOGETHER: A three-day exploration with Sue Davidoff and Allan Kaplan at Sophia House. Friday 16 June 9am-5pm, Saturday 17 June 9am-5pm and Sunday 9am-12:30. This event is a collaboration of the Proteus Initiative together with the Anthroposophical Society. Cost: R750 includes biodynamic lunches and tea/coffees. Early booking through Caroline at is essential. OPEN HERE for the Flyer with more details and OPEN HERE for Al’s article Fugitive which is the preparatory reading for the Workshop.