The approach to social and ecological complexity that is pursued by The Proteus Initiative demands a thorough re-appraisal and re-alignment of our ways of understanding and responding to social and ecological situations as living phenomena. In this section we present a number of different readings to enable practitioners to experience some aspects of our approach and methodology with respect to social practice. We update and add to this section of the website regularly and frequently so as to keep it alive.

We would appreciate to hear from you if any of these readings touch you in any way whatsoever. We also invite contributions from social practitioners who would like to join this conversation.

Latest Readings

Action Research inside a Reflective Social Practice: A Delicate Empiricism
view PDF online download PDF What does it mean to be a reflective social practitioner? What might a reflective social practice look like? What is the inner and outer movement needed in order to enable and strengthen reflective practice? And where – and how – does action research live inside this practice?
The Singer, not the Song
view PDF online download PDF The Vexed Questions of Impact Monitoring and Social Change:
Reflections on an exploration between some European donors and some southern African development NGOs'.
Foregrounding Practice - Reaching for an Ecological Approach
view PDF online download PDF A comparative inquiry into the dialogical and developmental frameworks of community development.
This article emerged from a series of conversations between the two author-practitioners, one a leading author/practitioner on capacity building and developmental practice, and the other, an engaged scholar/practitioner in community development. The conversation morphed into a comparison of two frameworks of practice which then led to the main argument of this article.
Freedom's Ground
view PDF online download PDF Challenges of an Adult Social Activism. One Telling of the Tshwane Leadership Foundation’s Story.
In this story you will read about a social change organisation that operates out of a Christian impulse and milieu, but this is not a story about Christians or Christianity.  It is a story about what it means to be alive – in a human body.

Towards a Larger Integrity
view PDF online download PDF A (rather elaborate) Invitation to Intrepid Development Practitioners (and their Organisations) to Engage in a Capacity Development Adventure.