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2019 contains various initiatives reaching wider or more contained publics. These are innovative and different ventures, and we hope you may join us for at least one of them. For further information about any of the programmes, workshops or courses offered, please contact us.
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August 2019 
Towerland Wilderness


Offered for three consecutive years from 2013, this popular and richly generative programme was put on hold due to the expansion of our work in different parts of the world. But, once again, we feel that time dedicated to writing is an increasingly important and necessary way of engaging with our current (global) context. If a similar sense of necessity is living in you, we invite you to join us.

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Whether wanting time to reflect on where you have come from, or to discover what is calling that may not yet be in view; whether you are looking to be inspired, or hoping to rediscover yourself; whether you have a particular writing project that needs your focused attention, or whether you are an aspirant writer needing support to stake a claim to your writing, you are welcome.
Integrating Goethe - professional development for social practitioners
An Invitation to join a group in Cape Town

The idea
Those of us who have been exposed to − and by? - the ‘Goethean Glance’ know that it renders the world a World once more, with all the promise that it contained in childhood, deepened and strengthened by our experiences of coming up against it. We know that it leaves us able to see further − though such seeing can also be painful. We know that seeing further ‘out’ can only be achieved simultaneously with seeing further ‘in’ − and we know what that entails.

The world reveals itself through us, we reveal ourselves through the world, we change the world through changing ourselves − yes, all of this, and all so elusive, so hard to catch, so impossible to hold, because what we hold can only ever be what has been, we can never hold the becoming. We know that, when we catch a glimpse of the becoming, the world becomes enthusiastic and inspired once more, yet that becoming comes with its own tearing sadness (who of us, asks Borges, has not lost something infinite in their lives?). We know, perhaps, that when we see through to the groundswell, to the incoming wave, of life, we see through to a world that is new; and those of us who are social practitioners, most of all, we know that, to see through the prism of our own burnished practice, lightly, is to hold a candle to the dark, and allow the world to breath once more. Read the full brochure HERE.
The Masters Programme in Reflective Social Practice (started May 2016)

Offered in association with the Crossfields Institute


Invites enquiries and applications for

A new international MA Degree in Reflective Social Practice

This programme offers the possibility to understand and work with more attuned,
open and organic approaches to social understanding and practice. To work in ways that are
respectful of the complexity and true nature of the challenges we face in the social field.
We offer a programme that seeks to  work with an enlarged picture of
the human being (and the world we inhabit).

Offered by The Proteus ‘School of Reflective Social Practice’
Accredited by the Alanus University

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Ainsley Taylor: 
Jane Tyler: 

Turning to our Roots
22 - 26 May 2019
An exploration through nature constellations and dance into our connection with land and ancestry
Turning to our Roots

This Retreat is an opportunity for you to explore – through constellations and dance, and an immersion in the wild – our connection with land and ancestry; to enter a pristine wilderness area and live in a way that treads lightly on the planet. Read full invitation here.