The Proteus Initiative in Brazil, Argentina and Chile

The Proteus Initiative offers a variety of workshops, programmes and courses in Brazil, Argentina and Chile always in collaboration with local organizations and associates. Below follows a brief introduction to the various initiatives being offered in South America in the near future. Should you require any further information about any of the programmes, courses or workshops mentioned here, please use the contact details given for the specific programme of interest, alternatively, please feel welcome to email us directly at or . 

Se quiser escrever em português, no Brasil contate Ana Biglione
Si preferís escribir en español, en Argentina contacte Martin Bunge

Goethe in the Social Realm
Started August 2014, ongoing until 2017.

A Three Year Post Graduation Programme for social practitioners, in North-East Brazil
Designed by the Proteus Initiative in collaboration with the Recife Learning Group (GRA – Grupo Recife de Aprendizagem).
Organised by the GRA (Recife Learning Group), and in partnership with Crossfields Institute and Alanus University.
Facilitated by the Proteus Initiative

The Proteus Initiative in Argentina
The Practice of Living Wholeness - An Ecological Approach to Social Change
Started 2016, ongoing until 2018
A long term programme.
The art of engaging with social change is the art of facilitating relationship. Relationship, the meeting of beings with each other, lies at the heart of all that is alive. Nothing exists on its own; everything is permeated by everything else. Nothing that is alive is static; everything that lives is in a constant state of movement, growing and decaying.

Relationships, rather than things, determine the aliveness, the health of ourselves and the world that we live in. Our world arises through relationship, that field that is active between one person and another, within and between groups of people, between ourselves and our context, between inner and outer, between growing and decaying, between what is disappearing and what is emerging. Read full brochure HERE.