The Proteus Initiative in Brazil, Argentina and Chile

The Proteus Initiative offers a variety of workshops, programmes and courses in Brazil, Argentina and Chile always in collaboration with local organizations and associates. Below follows a brief introduction to the various initiatives being offered in South America in the near future. Should you require any further information about any of the programmes, courses or workshops mentioned here, please use the contact details given for the specific programme of interest, alternatively, please feel welcome to email us directly at or . 

Se quiser escrever em português, no Brasil contate Ana Biglione
Si preferís escribir en español, en Argentina contacte Martin Bunge

The Proteus Initiative in Chile
A DELICATE ACTIVISM - Building a reflective social practice (Allan Kaplan and Sue Davidoff in Chile, 2019-2021)

“A truly radical activism will understand that the world that emerges through the conversation is the real world, and that the conversation is the central activity of the radical activist (and, conversation takes place not only between the other and me, but within me too). A truly radical activism recognises that how we see and how we think is what transforms, far more than what we proclaim. " [Allan Kaplan, Artists of the Invisible]

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